Stunningly simple survey widgets.

Capture customer feedback at the moment they’re most engaged with surveys that embed straight into your website or product.

How It Works

1. Create Your Survey

Create your surveys using our intuitive editor. Choose from multiple question types to capture the insights you need.

2. Add to Your Website or Product

Easily add your survey widget into your website or SaaS product with just a few lines of code.

3. Monitor Results in Real-Time

View and analyse responses instantly in a user-friendly dashboard. Use one-click filtering to segment for richer insights.

Improve user experiences, validate product ideas, and understand your customers like never before.

TinySurvey lets you ask users what they think, helping you understand what they like and don’t like. With this information, you can make better decisions to improve your products and meet your customers' needs. This not only helps your business grow but also builds trust and loyalty with your customers.

Improve your user experience

Gather direct user feedback to improve website navigation, design, and content.

Validate Product Ideas

Validate new features and products by collecting user opinions and preferences.

Simplify User Research

Conduct quick and effective user research to guide design and development decisions.

Measure Customer Satisfaction

Gauge customer satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.

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The features you need for effective website surveys

In the moment surveys

Engage users when it matters most with timely and context-aware surveys.

Customise to Match Your Brand

Tailor the look and feel of your surveys to align with your brand's identity.

Multiple Question Types

Multiple choice, rating scales, and open-ended questions and more.

Easy to Install

Add the widget to your website or product with minimal effort.

Realtime Response Dashboard

Access and analyse survey results in a clean and intuitive dashboard.

One-Click Filtering

Effortlessly filter and segment survey responses to gain deeper insights.

Early access pricing

Available for a limited time only.

£19per site/month (excl. VAT)
  • Unlimited surveys.
  • Unlimited questions.
  • 50,000 survey impressions/mo.
  • In-the-moment surveys.
  • Customise to suit your brand.
  • Easy to use realtime dashboard.
“I felt frustrated with existing survey tools. They are bloated. Too complicated. And most importantly, didn't let me ask questions in the right moment.”

Hey there! 👋 Simon here, creator of TinySurvey.

My background is in UX and product design. And I use many tools to understand users, identify pain points and improve user experience. I can't do my job properly without them.

But I felt frustrated with existing survey tools. They are bloated. Too complicated. And most importantly, they didn't let me ask questions in the right moment. So I created my own tool, TinySurvey.

It's a bloat-free survey tool driven by three key goals:

  • They're designed to get responses
    What good is a survey that doesn't get responses? TinySurvey does things a little different. Rather than being hidden behind easy-to-miss tabs, or annoying popups, TinySurvey embeds directly into your product or website's interface.
  • Easy to understand results
    Lots of responses are great, but useless if you can't analyse the results. TinySurvey has an easy to use dashboard. Everything's in one place and the one-click filters let you see how responses compare across different segments!
  • No need for a developer
    Developers are busy people. And changing code for each new survey is low on their list of priorities. Once TinySurvey is installed, you don't need any more developer involvement.

Of course, the proof is in the pudding. So check out the 10-day free trial and let me know what you think!

I'm always around if you have questions, thoughts or feedback and I'm always working to make TinySurvey as great as possible.

Any questions?